That special feeling when you realize

Your website is too slow

You want a beautiful, responsive website that loads fast. Under three seconds kind of fast. Mobile friendly, e-commerce ready, and featuring a curated set of tools that deliver stunning results without breaking your project budget.

New recommendations coming soon.

This site is an example of $15/month hosting using one of our suggested themes and hosting companies. It’s an Emergency 2-Day build, combined with our Agency on Retainer product.

This site is far from perfect. However, it demonstrates a sample “entry level” professional website that is reliable, responsive, and highly customizable.

The Need for Speed

It’s no longer optional. With the prevalence of rapid-scrolling, engaging media available on every phone and tablet, you can choose to keep up or be left behind. Increase your customer engagement, broaden your sales base, and provide a smooth checkout experience.

" 77% of US Holiday Shoppers will browse online, not in-store."

How many lost visitors?

3 seconds
Bounce Probability Increase 32%
5 seconds
Bounce Probability Increase 90%
7 seconds
Bounce Probability Increase 100%

Making better choices in 2021

Top-3 WP: hosting, themes, and more

Deliver for your clients with the best combination of hosting, themes, plugins, and services. Love what we recommend but don’t have someone to build your site? Hire Faster WP Websites. We can have you ready in 2 weeks. Emergency 2-day service available.


A web host can make or break your business. After considering day to day usage and unofficial throttling, website migrations, features access, hands-on troubleshooting with chat support, and more, we reveal our top 3 choices for hosting our WordPress websites.


You wanted pretty- not pretty slow. With these lightweight, efficiently coded themes, you don't have to sacrifice your aesthetic to build a lightning-fast website. Beautifully pre-made and customizable site layouts enable you to quickly serve your clients. As always, there can only be three.


Trusted plugins that we use on our own site builds.


Stress less and do more with trusted services.





to be very clear

Turn your 8-second wait into a 3-second site

Pandemic Business Setup Sale

The pandemic forced you online, not out of business. A pro set-up of your new website.
$ 4500
  • Hosting set-up & Domain Registration Support
  • WordPress Website build and customization with 5 pages + Shop
  • Access to fast-loading Google Analytics
  • 5 hours of assisted training with an actual human on your specific website
  • Less than 3-second average load time for front page*
  • Includes access to a professional wordpress theme
  • WooCommerce Store Installation with a template product
  • 14-day project delivery (you said faster)
  • Responsive & Mobile Friendly

You don’t get it. I don’t want your affiliate links or your basic services. I want a white-glove, agency-level solution and an ongoing relationship with a technical support staff that knows exactly what my company is and does. We can have that chat.

Choose Your Plan

Standard 14-Day

Our professional set up and customization of your site. We help you from day one with hosting, and in two weeks you're ready to be trained in updating your own custom WordPress-based website. Did we mention it's on sale?

Emergency 2-Day

Well, F#@)!*$.}
Sometimes things just go wrong. Websites, relationships, all of 2020. No, I won't fix your broken site-its condition is likely the result of unsustainable choices. I'll build you a new one. In 48 hours. You, chill.

Agency Bundle

Save 15%. A Faster WP Website in 14 days, plus logo and image creation, 16 hours of additional customizations, and the power of an agency on retainer. We update your sites and send monthly reports. You, sip something.

Choose Your Agency Add Ons

additional choices for our awesome clients

Agency on Retainer

For current clients. You want a continuing relationship with the little agency that built your site. Instant product familiarity, site reports, insights, and 8 hours of updates/assistance every month without hiring a full-time tech person/paying benefits.

Logo & Image Pack

For current clients. 2 logo options with multiple color treatments and formats, plus 5 images that solidify your brand. Think products, backgrounds, sliders, etc. All images and graphics are cleared for commercial use so you can feel good about what we're making.

Agency 8-Pack

For current clients. 8 hours of labor, meetings, and training related to your website. Need help with marketing, integrations, or a great sales page for that next push? Want to add another product or talk analytics? Get an Agency 8-pack and we'll get to work.


"Finally. A website that actually works. It looks great, it loads fast, it supports the customer experience, and solves innumerable headaches for us. Thank you."
Shelly N.
Administrative Assistant

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About FasterWP

After a decade of building and maintaining WP sites for businesses, performers, teaching artists, organizations, and branding companies, I came to the hard realization that I was enabling unsustainable design choices. Most of these choices would result in headaches down the road (after designers are out of the picture). Clients wanted tools they couldn’t safely update or integrate. I was incentivized to “fix” sites using short-term bandaids for long-term problems. When I delivered huge images, bells, and whistles, most clients just didn’t care about speed or responsiveness. In crisis and conflict, the reward is for solving it NOW. Translation: solve it quickly, solve it cheaply, run away. 

Working with some like-minded folk, Faster WP Websites enables clients to stop living in fear and start celebrating how amazing a well-maintained WordPress can be. We work with a limited number of professional tools that are well supported. We offer long-term plans that ensure we’re incentivized to make fast, responsive, beautiful, stable, and scalable choices for our very limited group of clients. As long as you stick with Faster WP Websites, we’re all rewarded with a less stressful web experience and all invested in your continued success. We look forward to getting started on your sustainable Faster WP Websites as you’re on board with this and not a day sooner. 

-Dylan & FWP