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Client Portal


Most useful for longer threads, wordlists, and assignments.

Google Drive

Most useful for sharing larger files and folders + Google Docs.

Degoo Drive

Most useful for bigger backups and auxiliary storage needs.

Meeting Info

Just a reminder of how and when we meet up to chat.


This is the web address of your Faster WP Websites project.


What company is hosting your website? + Relevant details.

Staff / Contact

Who are your alternate contacts and what do they do?

Your Support

Open a support ticket above by clicking Manage Tickets.

Support Time Used

How much support have you used out of your purchased time?


Emergencies and time-sensitive tasks you’d like help with.


How will time be spent weekly and what are the top labor priorities for Faster WP Websites?

Additional Notes

These are…. notes.


Based on analytics or other trends, something we think you might want to consider. 

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